Grad Party Desserts

7 Jun

So a couple years ago I discovered the lovely fanciness of puff pastry sheets. I’ve only used them once but ever since I’ve wanted to make a bunch of mini desserts with the sheets.

Wanting an excuse, I figured my quickly approaching graduation party would be the prefect place to have a bunch of little finger desserts. Here are some ideas or possible ones from!

These Mini Puff Cheesecakes on the front page caught my eye! They look simple, but still so dainty 🙂

now onto something chocolaty! These  Fudgy Brownie Cups sound good, i’ll have to make these some other time. Not quite as dainty I was searching for, but they still sound good!

Petite Chocolate Tartlets look beautiful! This is more what i imagined, i think i have mini tins like those too.

These Banana Purses with maple syrup would be cool, something fruity to add to the long as they’re not tooo complicated. The site says they’re “surprisingly easy”..hope they’re right about that

I’m getting distracted but these Inside-out Apples look really good. Probably not for my party but maybe another time. The apples are cored and filled in the center with hot caramel!!!

Anyway I’m sure theres something i could use in here. As I write this I’m getting immensely hungry for some sweet little treats! I can’t wait to get back to baking once schools over and try some of these out  🙂


The Colors of Heaven

24 May


(NKJV) Revelation 4:3 And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and [there was] a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald.

In Revelation 4 John has a hard time trying to put into words what he saw. God looking like precious stones? A rainbow enveloping Him?? An emerald rainbow?!? My mind kind of over heats a little just trying to comprehend what picture John could have been trying to convey when he wrote that. What a creative God!

I’ve heard it said that there are even new colors in heaven, ones that we haven’t even comprehended here on earth!! That’s when my mind begins to go into overdrive! With 3 primary colors we can make any color we want, the choices of shades and tints are almost infinite…right?? So how is it that there are colors that we haven’t yet seen on earth?? Wow.

Stemming from these ideas, I did a prophetic piece in about half an hour in the prayer room today. I wanted to convey the mystery and saturation that the colors of heaven would evoke. Since I can’t really color with heaven’s colored pencils (yet), I conceded and used earthly colors 😉

It’s a little messy, as is my style but I hope it spurs your imagination to dream in the colors of heaven tonight!



20 May

So this mandala was actually my second one that I did, a bonus mandala you could say.I finished my other one a little early so I decided to scan one of my other pie shape designs and color it pretty quickly. This one is pretty different from the first one. It’s not as detailed and is much “cleaner”.

There’s a couple (well three actually, so several) things I really like about this mandala.

(1) that depending on the way you look at it can be either roots coming out of the center or trees growing against a sunrise

(2) the “cleanness” of it is because I took the black lines out, which makes me (and Ms. Collins ;)) a happy camper since those lines were pretty uneven and definitely not the “cleanness” factor that makes good design pleasing to the eye. To the right you can see one pie shape alone against a white background. I almost kind of prefer the crispness of the white rather than the yellow…

and (3) I’m a fan of the color blocked gradient in the background! It adds depth to an otherwise flat looking design. Plus I’m also a fan of gradients right now, an I think its a great way to add “drama” to a design.

Whatever way you look at it, I’m a fan. 🙂

Nature Notan

17 May

So this is a Notan, a type of Japanese Paper Art, but we did it on the computer which made it MUCH simpler. Thinking of all the detail i put into it, i’m pretty sure i would go crazy if i had to cut out all of those little shapes out by hand. I already have a love-hate relationship with x-acto knives (another art project I’ll have to explain later), but I don’t think I could handle it or at the very least not be near as detailed as this was.

Anyway, basically you started with a black square, cut out a shape with the lasso tool and flipped it along one side of the square. Pretty basic early on in the year, I believe this was only our second project and was to get us familiar with the lasso tool.

This design has a whole wild nature thing going and I like that. There’s animals that live together with the birds and trees of nature. I like the fact that there’s like a little tree, but then there’s a bigger tree when you look at the big picture, at least that’s what i was going for when i designed it like that. I’m also really proud of those curvy things i drew with the lasso tool and a mouse! Looking back on it, I made some pretty rad shapes with the lasso tool, from round curves to even that angular zig-zag.

I haven’t looked at this project in a while, and I’m kind of digging it 😉

Parrot Buddy

6 May

Initials- Bird

So I’m pretty much in love with this little bird of mine.

Aside from doodles and patterns, I’m not really one for creating cartoons (unless you count stick people ;)) But this bird was all hand drawn by me, scanned, and colored in photoshop.

This project was about learning the beginnings of ways to use the dodge and burn tools along with drop shadows.

I was really proud of this assignment because this was the first full-page picture I had done from start to finish, fully designed (background and all), thought out and executed by me  😉

The assignment was supposed to be to make a creature out of your initials, now I don’t know if you can see, but the beak is basically a backwards “c” and the head and body of the bird is a “p”. Maybe it’s not so obvious…

Regardless I think this guy is so darn cute 🙂