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20 Aug

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Grad Party Desserts

7 Jun

So a couple years ago I discovered the lovely fanciness of puff pastry sheets. I’ve only used them once but ever since I’ve wanted to make a bunch of mini desserts with the sheets.

Wanting an excuse, I figured my quickly approaching graduation party would be the prefect place to have a bunch of little finger desserts. Here are some ideas or possible ones from!

These Mini Puff Cheesecakes on the front page caught my eye! They look simple, but still so dainty 🙂

now onto something chocolaty! These  Fudgy Brownie Cups sound good, i’ll have to make these some other time. Not quite as dainty I was searching for, but they still sound good!

Petite Chocolate Tartlets look beautiful! This is more what i imagined, i think i have mini tins like those too.

These Banana Purses with maple syrup would be cool, something fruity to add to the long as they’re not tooo complicated. The site says they’re “surprisingly easy”..hope they’re right about that

I’m getting distracted but these Inside-out Apples look really good. Probably not for my party but maybe another time. The apples are cored and filled in the center with hot caramel!!!

Anyway I’m sure theres something i could use in here. As I write this I’m getting immensely hungry for some sweet little treats! I can’t wait to get back to baking once schools over and try some of these out  🙂