the trouble with words

10 Oct

Some things are better off kept in the mind or spoken softly. Some things can be too painful to put into words. Though recalling those things verbally can bring emotions back, there’s something about writing them down that makes things appear much more bluntly, without a whisper to soften the blow.

Vulnerable, your words and feelings are put to paper, there’s no taking them away or retracting them. They stand exposed in the face of a chill wind. There’s nothing to block them from the force that is the human mind of remembrance.

Concrete, those thoughts become, as soon as the air hits them. They fall like cinder blocks to the ground with a great crashing. There’s nothing you can do once its committed to the page. Its there in your memory, that curve, that swoosh, that comma there, you can erase it but the dent will always be there. Every time you pass that page, you’ll know what used to lie beneath.

(adapted from a journal entry on 10-15-09)

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