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20 Aug

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A Prayer to keep burning.

10 Aug

Jesus keep the flame of my heart ever alight, ever glowing, ever breaking through the darkness. Jesus let me burn without burning out. I don’t want to end up a tired pile of ashes, but keep me burning so that I grow stronger not weaker. Refiner’s fire..continue to test me and take me through the valley, only if I can come out leaning on my Beloved.

Keep Me Burning

6 Aug


I painted this during a set this past Thursday. I started this painting right on the heels of some major inner-heart healings only a few minutes before. So it was freeing to be able to express my thanks to Jesus for breaking down walls in my heart by painting.

I have this weird way about me when I paint. I never ever have a picture in my mind before I start or a certain color scheme. If I try to paint the image in my mind it never comes out right, so I stick to letting Jesus guide my hand and the colors that appeal to me at that very moment.

For this one there was this blood red color that stuck out at me, almost like the blood of Jesus that washes away all fear and doubt in me. I also picked this light metallic gold color and when I mixed them it created this really cool marbly effect that looked like fire and from there I went.

Once I was finished, (that’s another thing i do, I always wait till after its completely done to name it) I decided to call this one “Keep Me Burning” like the song Obsession by Chris QuilalaOh forever keep me burning with the fire of your love.” I want Jesus to keep me burning from the inside out so I’ll be a shining light to others.

I want to burn like God was in the burning bush, a consuming fire that never goes out.