20 May

So this mandala was actually my second one that I did, a bonus mandala you could say.I finished my other one a little early so I decided to scan one of my other pie shape designs and color it pretty quickly. This one is pretty different from the first one. It’s not as detailed and is much “cleaner”.

There’s a couple (well three actually, so several) things I really like about this mandala.

(1) that depending on the way you look at it can be either roots coming out of the center or trees growing against a sunrise

(2) the “cleanness” of it is because I took the black lines out, which makes me (and Ms. Collins ;)) a happy camper since those lines were pretty uneven and definitely not the “cleanness” factor that makes good design pleasing to the eye. To the right you can see one pie shape alone against a white background. I almost kind of prefer the crispness of the white rather than the yellow…

and (3) I’m a fan of the color blocked gradient in the background! It adds depth to an otherwise flat looking design. Plus I’m also a fan of gradients right now, an I think its a great way to add “drama” to a design.

Whatever way you look at it, I’m a fan. 🙂


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