Nature Notan

17 May

So this is a Notan, a type of Japanese Paper Art, but we did it on the computer which made it MUCH simpler. Thinking of all the detail i put into it, i’m pretty sure i would go crazy if i had to cut out all of those little shapes out by hand. I already have a love-hate relationship with x-acto knives (another art project I’ll have to explain later), but I don’t think I could handle it or at the very least not be near as detailed as this was.

Anyway, basically you started with a black square, cut out a shape with the lasso tool and flipped it along one side of the square. Pretty basic early on in the year, I believe this was only our second project and was to get us familiar with the lasso tool.

This design has a whole wild nature thing going and I like that. There’s animals that live together with the birds and trees of nature. I like the fact that there’s like a little tree, but then there’s a bigger tree when you look at the big picture, at least that’s what i was going for when i designed it like that. I’m also really proud of those curvy things i drew with the lasso tool and a mouse! Looking back on it, I made some pretty rad shapes with the lasso tool, from round curves to even that angular zig-zag.

I haven’t looked at this project in a while, and I’m kind of digging it 😉


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